Loyal Customers Pay More For Home Insurance

LOYAL customers could be paying up to £132 more for their home insurance than if they took out a new policy with their provider.   An investigation by Which? found that customers who’d been with their insurer for over a year actually pay 32 per cent more than new policy holders.   Loyal home insurance...
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Smoking can increase the cost of life insurance by 65%

New research by MoneySuperMarket has revealed that smokers cough up to 65% more for life insurance. Lighting up can cost an extra £312 every year.   Insurers do not distinguish between daily, occasional or social smokers – if you’ve smoked in the past 12 months you’re classed as a smoker. With their long-term effects on...
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Joint Life Insurance or Multiple Single Insurance Policies – Which is better?

By taking out a joint life insurance policy it would normally be cheaper compared to having 2 single life insurance policies but sometimes only marginally. The big thing to remember with a joint policy is that it would pay out upon the death of either of the policy holders and then the policy would end,...
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A Guide To Life Insurance

Life Insurance simply explained For lots of us, life insurance is an important way of helping protect the people we love – so they can maintain their lifestyle should you die. So when looking to buy life insurance, just ask yourself 3 simple questions. What do I need to protect? You may have a spouse...
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MultiProtect Provides Financial Support For You 24/7 Worldwide

Are you self-employed? What happens if you have an accident & you are unable to work? Have you been declined life insurance because of a previous or even current condition? Take a look at this FANTASTIC product, MetLife. From just £7.00 per month, get all the cover you need. No medical, no deposit & we...
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